Del Tin




Del Tin - 6th to 9th Century Collection


SWORD. Seventh Century. Wood and lost-wax casting bronze hilt, wooden grip bound with thongings of leather. Steel blade with wide fuller.

Overall length 94 cm. Weight 1100 gr.

LOMBARD SWORD. Replica of a sword belonging to a rich Lombard warrior of the Seventh Century. Hilt made of wood and bronze lost-wax-casting. Steel blade with broad fuller.

Overall length 94cm. Weight 1190 gr.

LOMBARD SCRAMASAX with scabbard, 6th Century Scramasax

length 45cm, weight 420 gr.

SCANDINAVIAN SWORD. Eighth Century. Brass hilt of lost wax casting, silver plated with a highly decorated grip. Broad steel blade with large central fuller.

Overall length 102 cm. Weight 1650 gr.