Del Tin




Del Tin - 11th to 12th Century Collection


SO CALLED SWORD OF CHARLEMAGNE. Early Thirteenth Century. Lost wax casting bronze grip, pommel and cross guard. Steel blade with large central fuller. For centuries the coronation sword of the Kings of France.

 Overall length 99cm, weight 1750gr.

MEDIEVAL SWORD. Twelfth Century. Iron wheel pommel and cross-guard. Wooden grip bound with leather. Steel blade with central fuller.

Overall length 99cm. Weight 1290 gr.

SWORD OF SAINT GALGANO. Thirteenth Century. The sword is kept in the church of San Galgano in the province of Siena and was fixed into stone by Saint Galgano Guidotti. Steel blade with fuller. Short hilt with straight arms and flattened oval shaped pommel. Wooden grip wrapped with leather strips.

Overall length 100cm. Weight 1270 gr.

MEDIEVAL SWORD. Twelfth Century. Steel blade with large fuller up to the point. Steel pommel and guard. Wooden grip wrapped with leather.

Overall length 106 cm. Weight 1650 gr.

SWORD. Twelfth Century. Steel blade with central fuller. Arched hilt with arms bent towards the blade. Five lobed iron pommel. Wooden grip covered with leather.

Overall length 100cm, weight 1430gr.